Acceptance of oil products:

Rail tank cars are delivered to loading/unloading point from the Amur railway station of the Far Eastern Railway by the company's own locomotive.

This operation is performed through the use of three racks, each of which provides simultaneous handling of eight rail tank cars.

A pump house facility provides receipt of all types of diesel oil products, TS-1 aviation fuel, and marine diesel oil. Pumps of different capacities ensure high performance operations.
Oil products are loaded into:
  • road tankers via an ASVN-100 Automated Top Loading System;
  • rail tank cars;
  • bunkering and fuelling tankers are carried out via the berth where two tankers can be handled simultaneously.
The delivery of aviation fuel oil TS-1 for aircrafts of airlines and organizations is carried out through the aviation fuel supply section of Amurskaya Neftebaza LLC, certified by the Krasnoyarsk Interregional Territorial Administration of Air Transport of the Federal Air Transport Agency (KRAS MTU VT FAVT).
Official documents
Constituent documents (in Russian)
  • Articles of Association (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Certificate of State Registration of Legal Entities (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Certificate of State Registration with a Tax Authority (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Data TO FS state statistics on Khabarovsk region (in Russian) (PDF)
Licences and certificates
  • Licence for Towage by Marimate Transport (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Licence for Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Water Transport/Marimate Transport (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Licence for Cargo Handling Operations in Inland Waterway Transport and in Seaports (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Licence for Cargo Handling Operations in Railway Transport (in Russian) (PDF)
  • Licence for Operation of Explosive, Flammable and Chemically Hazardous Production Facilities (in Russian) (PDF)
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