Amurskaya Neftebaza, LLC has a fuel and lubricants laboratory located in Krasnoflotsky District of Khabarovsk
To control the quality of fuel, in 2015, a laboratory of combustive-lubricating materials and special liquids was created on the basis of ANB, Ltd., which provides services for laboratory research of petroleum products.

All tests in the laboratory are carried out in accordance with the requirements of existing standards, specifications on serviceable test equipment using measurement tools that have passed the timely metrological calibration.

The laboratory has all the necessary Certificates and Certificates to perform these types of work in accordance with the stated Area of Activity.

The laboratory makes sample analyses of the following grades of aviation and automotive fuel, lubricants and special fluids:
Aviation fuels and lubricants:
1. TS-1 and RT aviation fuels, by quality indicators:
  • density at 20°C;
  • fractional composition ;
  • kinematic viscosity at 20°C;
  • acidity;
  • closed-cup flash point;
  • chilling point;
  • existent gum;
  • sediment and water;
  • water-soluble acids & alkalis;
  • water interaction;
  • electrical conductivity.
2. "I-M" and "I" anti-water crystallization fluids, by all indicators as required by technical rules and regulations.

RESULT: the fuel and lubricants laboratory issues a Certificate of Quality under which aviation fuels and lubricants may be approved for use for their intended purpose.
Automotive fuels: diesel fuels, low-viscosity marine fuels, by quality indicators:
  • плотность при 20 С;
  • фракционный состав;
  • кинематическая вязкость при 20 С;
  • кислотность;
  • температура вспышки, определяемая в закрытом тигле;
  • температура помутнения и застывания;
  • массовая доля серы;
  • концентрация фактических смол;
  • содержание механических примесей и воды;
  • содержание водорастворимых кислот и щелочей.
RESULT: the fuel and lubricants laboratory issues a Certificate of Test.
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